Monday, April 30, 2018

Hello world!

My name is Andy Pemrich. I am a musician, historian, record collector and audio engineer based in Neenah, Wisconsin. It is with great pleasure that today I officially announce "Rockin' Round the Valley: A Historical Analysis, and Preservation Archive of the work of Target Productions." I will be compiling and sharing, via this website, several years of ongoing research into the music, the people, and the stories of Target and Tee Pee Records, as well as information about the venues, events, and ephemera related to its history.

Our goal is to have an open-ended archive of everything related to the label and its work. Crucial to that archive will be newly remastered recordings captured in high resolution digital from the best possible sources. The entire known catalog of Target, Tee Pee, and related labels will be available to all, as well as rare and unreleased recordings from artists that utilized the studio.

For those of you who aren't aware, Target Productions, headed up by Alan Posniak and James Kelly, was a crucial hub for musicians not only in Wisconsin's Fox River valley, but for artists from across the state and beyond. Some of these bands include Soup, The Golden Catalinas, and the Journeymen.

Target operated from 1966 until 1972, and released several world renowned records by some of Wisconsin's brightest stars of the era,as well as producing many local radio jingles and advertisements.

For those who were there, it was truly a magical time.

Stay tuned, there is so much to come!