Friday, June 8, 2018

Social media LIVE

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in news. It has been a very busy month At Rockin' Central, as we start prepping hardware for our audio restorations, and we begin scheduling artist interviews. Lots coming, lots to share, and lots left to do.

Today, I just wanted to share that our social media is all live now. We have accounts at Instagram, Google+, twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook. Additionally, we have a Google Photos album that we will be opening soon, where we will share rare photos, scans of posters and other rare items. Please come follow us, drop a comment, or share stories and items you may have. We are "TeePeeAppleton" at Instagram, twitter, Facebook and Google+, and "Rockin' Round the Valley" on Soundcloud.

Anyway, back to work! I hope to upload lots of music this coming week, and some very unique artists and stories to share! Stay tuned and Keep Rockin'!