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    This page includes miscellaneous recordings from Target and Tee Pee artists. This includes material from before and after their Target releases, as well as contributions they made to works by other artists. We consider this page a "jumping off" point for learning how Wisconsin's artists in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s were interconnected, both personally and professionally.

Jerry Williams and the Rockets
Rocket Records 45X001 (1962)

*Jerry (Van Dynhoven) Williams was an original member of The White Caps, but left the band just prior to their recording session in 1957. His band, the Rockets, had at one time or another included Bob Timmers of the Moss Men, Roger Loos of the Phaetons and the Golden Catalinas, and Denny Noie among its members. The band operated into the 1970s, with several revivals after that.

Jerry Sleger and Cordovox
Sara Records J-6829 (1968)
Shuffling Moods

Jerry Sleger and Cordovox
Sara Records J-68210 (1968)
Silver Bells Polka
Door County Polka

*These two singles were recorded at Cuca Records studio in Sauk City. Based on the cataloging system in place at Cuca, it can be assumed that the Tee Pee album was done in between the recording and release of these singles. Into the 1980s, Jerry began adapting electronic keyboards into his act, creating Jerry's One Man Band. Jerry performed at the annual EAA international fly-in in Oshkosh for 29 years, retiring in 2018.

Denny Noie & The In-Crowd

*also shipped by Tener Records credited to Denny Noie & the 4th of Never, though this was not sanctioned by the band. This disc features Ricky Leigh as guitarist on both sides, and "Don't Follow Me" was co-written by him.

Tennessee Valley Boys
Mode 101 (1952)

*The oldest recording on our site, this was the first release by Milwaukee area country and rockabilly artist Larry Everett Phillipson. It is also the only recording we are showcasing that was issued exclusively as a 78 RPM disc! Larry's music career continued all the way until his passing in 2018, at age 95. His output spanned over a dozen records, and 3 CDs, from 1952 to 2010's "No Welcome Home", a CD of songs in tribute to veterans of the Vietnam War, and was debuted at the "L.Z. Lambeau" veterans' celebratory event in Green Bay.

Larry Phillipson & The Larry Lee Trio
Cinch 3858 (1958)

*Re-issued as Cuca J-6541 in 1965. The Cuca edition was mastered from a Cinch single, and not from the master tape, resulting in poor sound quality. This was also done with Larry's 1962 follow-up, "Little Miss Teardrop" on Cuca J-6565.

The Cobblers
Sound City Records SC 1060 (1966)

*released roughly a year and a half prior to the Syndicate's Tee Pee session, this was recorded at the famous Kay Bank Studio in Minneapolis, MN

Blue Tale Fly
Chief Oshkosh Records CH-7101 (1971)

*Blue Tale Fly includes members of The Syndicate, and would later splinter, with some members joining "White Duck" from Fond du Lac to form "Scratch". Doug Yankus also played in "White Duck" following the release of their 2nd LP. This led to several years of collaboration with John Hiatt, as well as other national artists like Tracy Nelson and Allan Rich (son of country legend Charlie Rich).

The Torquays
unreleased recording, via Custom Records
Side A
Side B

*recorded in drummer Tom Guenther's living room in 1966, this exists as a lone 7" 45rpm acetate. The recording was done by the local Custom Records affiliate.

The Friends
Country Aire, Appleton WI, Dec. 22, 1969
unreleased recording, via Custom Records (1969)

*a full concert rehearsal, captured by Custom Records, and cut to a pair of 12" acetate discs

The Friends
Night Owl JS-1538 (1970)

*Issued by Cuca subsidiary Night Owl, this record was actually recorded in Chicago. This recording's lineup did not include original member Alan Ives.

The Friends
Friends Records

Mitch Irish with The Friends
Irish Saxe Sound Productions IS-42778 (1978)

Mitch Irish, Patti Holzmann and the Friends
from the motion picture "The Capture of Bigfoot" (1979)
Studio Film 40247

The Friends
Ribit Records Int'l (1980)

The Friends
"Bar Hopp'n"
Ribit Records Int'l 41300 (1980)
Side 1

Side 2

Jules Blattner
from "A Musical Tour of Gaslight Square"
Norman Records NL-105 (1962)

*also issued as A-side on Gaslight single G-400, backed by "Liszt Twist"

Jules Blattner
DMA Records D-101 (1969)

Jules Blattner Group
Cinevista CV-5 (1969)

The Lunartics
Sunlight Records SUR-6001 (1969)

*Sunlight SUR-6000 is the "Mountains of the Moon" promo single, with the stereo mix on one side, and this mono mix on the other

Jules Blattner Group
Buddah Records BDA 245 (1971)

Jules Blattner Group
"Call Me Man"
Buddah Records BDS 5080 (1971)
Side A

Side B

*also released in Venezuela as Buddah LP-60,001
*The track "Birth" has come to prominence due to it being sampled by UNKLE for the 1998 electronic track "Unreal".

"The Mishtabula Maine Marching Band and Soil Salvation Society"
MGM Records SE 4808 (1971)

*Credited to Seluj Renttalb, this is a collaboration of Jules Blattner with various members of The Friends, the Warren Groovy Band, and staff at Target Productions. An unissued recording from these sessions exists, "Farewell To The Fishes". Likely due to it using part of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" in a medley, it was omitted from the LP. This would have required further copyright approval, and likely incurred too many fees for such a small production. After this failed in the charts, and the follow-up single also gained no momentum, MGM passed on Jules' next LP.

MGM K 14396 (1972)

*some promo copies erroneously list the A-side as "Buckwater Blue". This was corrected when the radio plug side was updated to "Back On The Road Again".
*also released by RCA subsidiary Metromedia in 1973, mainly to radio stations as a mono/stereo promo disc of "Back On The Road Again", though stock copies with "Back Water Blue" were issued in limited quantities. It also did not sell well enough, and Metromedia passed on the full album option.

"Back On The Road Again"
Stash Records 3601 (SR-St101 on labels) (1973)
Side A

Side B

*Recorded in Milwaukee at Key/Charisma Recording Studios, engineered by Jim "Chuck" Lopas and Al Posniak

Jules Blattner and the Warren Groovy All-Star Band
Mountain Records NR5624 (1975)

*This record was compiled from a single live show at the County Aire in Appleton, WI, December of 1974. It was captured by Midwest Mobile Recording Service of Sheboygan, and engineered by Al Posniak. Final mix was handled at The Music Factory in Mequon.

Jules Blattner & Warren Groovey Band
Blue Ribbon Records BRR 102 (1976)

Love Society
Scepter Records SCE-12236 (1968)

*also released in France as Disques Vogue INT. 80 162

Love Society
RCA Victor 74-0257 (1969)
Don't Worry Baby
You Know How I Feel (And Why) [stereo remix for RCA]

Love Society
RCA Victor 47-9821 (1970)

*Love Society recorded an album at RCA studio on Chicago in 1970, but it want unreleased. It is unknown if any tapes or reference acetates still exist from these sessions.

Love Society
Mercury Records 73130 (1970)

Following a 3 year break, members of Love Society and Phase III would reconvene as Sunblind Lion, releasing 2 singles and 3 LPs before disbanding in the early 1980s. They reunited in 2013 for a new CD, "The Sanatorium"' and are still playing gigs across Wisconsin as of 2019.
Phase III and SBL member Keith Abler released a solo LP, "Pilgrim" in 1975, which has backing from various members of his previous bands.

untitled LP
Arf Arm Artists (1970)
Side A

Side B

*The first LP from Soup consists of failed major label demos on side A, and a single live track from UW-White Water on side B. Jim Peterman of the Steve Miller Band played on "Mailman" nad "Tennessee". The album is famous for its DIY style release, shipping in a plain brown, or sometimes white, jacket, and with blank labels. Its yellow title and credits insert includes the notation "Cover art by: YOU". This led to many fans creating custom artwork on their copies. We will be exhibiting photos of some of these on their own page soon. The discs were pressed and packaged at Cuca Records in Sauk City, and the labels are actually leftover red Cuca labels pressed into the records with the blank backsides facing out.

"The Album Soup"
Big Tree Records BTS 2007 (1971)
Side A

Side B

*also released in Canada with the same catalog number
*This entire LP was recorded in a single day's session in Chicago, as the band has spent most of the label's budget prior to recording. A photo has surfaced of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in New York circa 1972 with a copy of this LP among several records in their Greenwich Village apartment.

Thee Prophets
Kapp K-962 (1968)
Patricia Ann

Thee Prophets
Kapp KS-5396 (1969)
Side A
Broken Heart
Man Enough
It Isn't So Easy
Magic Island
Double Life

Side B
Some Kind-a Wonderful
Heartbreak Avenue
They Call Her Sorrow
I Pretend I'm With You
Kind Of A Drag
Shame Shame

Thee Prophets
Kapp K-997 (1969)
Some Kind-A Wonderful
They Call Her Sorrow

Thee Prophets
Kapp K-2038 (1970)
Rag Doll Boy
It Isn't So Easy

Thee Prophets Featuring Alan Campbell, lead vocal
Kapp K-2087 (1970)
A Little Bit Of Love
Come To Me

Sherry & Wine
Ex-Plo LE-007 (1970)

*It has long been rumored that this was recorded at Target Recording Studio, though it is as yet unconfirmed. Due to several pieces of anecdotal evidence, it has been included here.

Gene Ski and the Troubadours

Gene Ski and the Mavericks
Nashville Music
self published SO 13152/13153
Side 1
Juke Box Blues
To Whom It May Concern
It's a Different Kind Of World
Feelin' Bad
Lookin' Out This Window
Mule Skinner Blues

Side 2
With This Ring
Green Green Grass Of Home
From A Jack To A King
The Auctioneer
Papa Had Wild Blood
Bottle Of Gin
Danny Boy

Mack and Sandy Ford
Cuca J-67122 (1967)

*Both sides of J-67122 feature Gene Ski. A-side was also re-made for the Fords' LP "The Mack and Sandy Way", but it is unknown if Gene was part of those or any other Mack and Sandy sessions. They also had a single out warlier in 1967, "That Crazy Thing" b/w I "Don't Love You Anymore" Cuca J-6767

Raylene (The Sunshine Girl) and the Dairylanders
Cuca J-1141 (1963)

Raylene And The Blue Angels
Cuca J-6633 (1966)

unissued acetate

*Both sides of Cuca J-1141 and the unreleased single were composed by Kelly (and presumably Sally) DiCianni of KEL Records.

Roger Schenzel with The Favorites
Pfau 4-57-1 (1957)
We Were Meant To Be

Rog Winston [pseudonym of Roger Schenzel (Robin Lee)]
Northland Tele-Artist 90-7003 (1958)

Robin Lee and the Lavenders
Circle Dot 45-103 (1960)

Robin Lee and the Lavenders
Karrye K-842 (1961)
Summertimes' Finally Here
Bye And Bye

Robin Lee
Reprise Records R-20,068 (1962)

* also released in the UK and New Zealand

Robin Lee
Reprise Records R-20,111 (1962)

*also released in the UK

The Lavenders
Cuca J-1130 (1963)

*B-side vocals are bass guitarist Rod Means.

The Lavenders
Cuca J-1152 (1963)
White Lightnin' Effin
(They Call The Wind) Maria

*B-side is from Lerner and Loewe's "Paint Your Wagon".

Robin Lee
"Robin Lee Sings Country and Western"
USA: Strand SL-1116 (mono) / SLS-1116 (stereo) (1964)
UK: Fidelio ATL 4113 (mono) / Summit ATL 4113 (mono) (1964)
Side 1

Side 2

The version presented here is the stereo mix.

*When Reprise decided not to option the entire album's worth of tracks from the 1962 Nashville sessions, producer Buck Ram found a home for it with budget label Strand in New York after 2 years of shopping it among other labels. Backing vocals on these tracks feature the Jordanaires (of Elvis Presley fame) along with popular country singer of the era, and at the time wife of Shelby Singleton, Margaret Singleton!

Robin Lee and the Nitebeats
Big Sound 300 (1965)
Barbara Jo
Carnival Of Love

Big Sound was a label based in Wausau, WI and founded by Duke Wright, owner of Northland Tele-Artist (see above Rog Winston and White Caps releases.)

The Launchers
Cite J-5010 (1964)

Robin Lee
Cite J-5011 (1965)

Robin Lee
Big Sound 302 (1966)

Robin Lee and the Revels
Big Sound 307 (1966)
Little Boy Blue
Blue Water, Soft Sands, Cherry Red Lips

Robin Lee and the Revels
U.S.A. Records 872 (1967)

Robin Lee
"WRN" 45-100 (1968)
The Puppet
Marie And The Stranger

*WRN 45-100 is a reissue of one side each of Robin's Wayne Novak-produced Cite singles.

Robin Lee
"Sure I Will"
Sound 1 SN 9001 (1972)

Sound 1 was released to promotional channels by label conglomerate owner Tom Gress, in a generic LP jacket. Later that year, the album was reconfigured to promote his then-current backing group, with three additional tracks and a "proper" jacket as:

Robin Lee with The Royal Host
Pro-Gress Records PRS2204 (1972)
Side 1
Sure I Will
Your Whole World
The Bells Of Time
I'm Just Passing Through

Side 2
The Masters Plan
How High Will The Ball Bounce
The End

*"Lordy" and "Raddison" are sung by Randy Scott.

Robin Lee and the Royal Host
Pro-Gress 45-5454 (1972)

Robin Lee
Pro-Gress Records 45-8357 (1972)
Sure I Will
Your Whole World Is Falling Down

*"Come Dream With Me", "Sure I Will" and "Your Whole World" are the same as the LP versions.

Susan & Richard Thomas
Blue Hour BH3-1014 (1973)

Susan & Richard Thomas
"A Burst Of Life"
Blue Hour BH3-1017 (1973)
Side 1
Might Be a Fountain
Never In You Life
Housewife's Reunion
Wake Up, Rosa
Steel Bridge

Side 2
The Plant
Like A Movie
The Heart, The Desperado
Growing Old
Great Waters Elegy
The Last Chorus

* Blue Hour Records was founded by Susan Marie (Lindner) and Richard Thomas. It is most famous for the 1969 single "Stand-By Girl" by Raw Meat.

Various Artists
Get Folked - Live At Charlotte's Web
Mountain Railroad Records MR-52773 (1973)

Doc and Roundy
Cuca J-6759 (1967)

*Doc and Roundy comprise 2/3 of The Tumbleweeds (Tee Pee TPC-1001, 1969).

Shirley Anne and the Country Rogues
Raynard 843K-1094 (1968)

Shirley Anne and the Country Rogues
Raynard 843K-1101 (1968)

The Shaprels
Feature 103 (1966)

The Shaprels
Feature 106 (1966)

The Shaprels

*Each of these pair of songs is a different recording. Rather than simply reissue the first attempts, they recut both tracks for each subsequent release.

The Shaprels
Chess 1993 (1967)

*The Shaprels were one of the first three bands signed by Chess in a misguided attempt to attract the modern rock audience to the label. The other two bands were The Baroques and The Golden Catalinas.

Earthquake Records EQ-101 (1973)
Six Days On The Road

*"Six Days On The Road" is the same as their Target single. Earthquake is the bands personal label, and this disc was issued after the band relocated back to Richie Ranno's home state of New Jersey. 1973 is a best guess, but it is unclear if it was recorded in NJ, or at a session elsewhere prior to the move.

The Tygers
Jamie Records 1378 (1969)
Sing It Altogether

Teen Town Records 121 (1971)
Headaches And Heartaches

Hershel Almond
Ace Records 558 (1959)
reissued in UK as Ace Records NS 48 (1979)

Hershel Almond
Challenge 59054

1st Lt. Hershel Gober
ABC-Paramount 45-10810 (1966)

Hershel Gober
The Proud American LP
Patriot Records 91140 (1968 or 1969)
Side 1
The Proud American
Six Klicks
Look Over My Shoulder
Here Am I
Forgotten Man

Side 2
Saigon Warrior
Tropic Rain
Picture Of A Man
Birth Of A Nation
An American's Dream

Pete Sorce
Count Records C-1002 (1959)

Pinky Bluel
Nobody's Darlin'

Pinky Bluel
Take Me As I Am
No Vacancy

Pinky Blue
It Just About Hurts
What Good Does It Do

April Walker
Get On Your Pony And Ride
Little Golden Band

1980s Cassettes

1990s CDs


Coming soon, music from:

Don "the Drifter" Shuckhart

Kitty and her Kats

The Midnight Sun


Thee Prophets

Sole Singers

Gugel and Bisbee



Doug McDade and Purple People

Glass Fog

Funky Norman

The Baroques

The Wakening


Soft Touch

The Doug Yankus Band

Gene Ski and the Mavericks

The Velvet Whip

and more...

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