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In cooperation with the Waupaca Historical Society, we are proud to host the recordings of Ethwell "Eddy" Hanson. Eddy was born in 1893, and grew up in the New London, Waupaca and Neenah communities during the early 20th century. One of his early claims to fame was a stint in John Philip Sousa's band as a saxophonist.

By 1923, he had moved to Chicago and begun both a songwriting career, as well as becoming Chicago's first radio organist. Some of his compositions became hits for Ken Griffin, Joe "Fingers" Carr and Lawrence Duchow. As organist for WDAP radio (precurser to WGN,) Eddy became the first organist to play the theme for the famous "Amos 'n Andy" show.

Later in life, he moved back to Wisconsin and began performing and teaching organ through Eldon "Al" Rollo's Hammond Organ Studio on Foster St. (now Memorial Drive) in Appleton. Rollo was so impressed with Hanson's work, that he created a short-lived record label, recorded at Target Studios, and released through Target's record pressing contracts with RCA and Wakefield record pressing facilities.

In the 1980s, Eddy retired to the Veterans' Home community in King, Wisconsin, which his father had once helped build. Hanson passed away in 1986.

In his lifetime, Hanson wrote and published over 300 songs, but these are the only studio recordings he released.

Eddy Hanson, Master Organist (1970)
Side A

Side B

Liquid Soul (1971)
LP 101/834T-0102
Side A

Side B

The Joy And Pain Of Love (1972)
LP 103/834T-0103
Side A

Side B
That Certain Party...
Lady Be Good...
When I Take My Sugar To Tea...
Tea For One...
Night And Day

45RPM Single 834T-0104 (1972)

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