Saturday, June 1, 2019

All the news!

Big updates are heading our way this year! We have set up a space at so we can more easily share and organize all of the photos, video and audio we have coming. With this change, we will be transitioning away from Soundcloud. With our limited budget, and the amount of spam that comes from bots signed up to SC, we just can't justify using it as a platform to share music.

We will also be bringing you exclusive, previously unreleased music from several Target artists, starting this summer with a live concert rehearsal from Friends in 1969! Over an hour of performances that have been largely unheard for 50 years!

Additionally, thanks to the family of Gary Laabs, we will be making available footage from Apple Sock, the fabled Appleton park sock hop, with reunion performances from several bands legendary in the early Fox Valley rock scene.

And finally, we are extremely proud to announce that we will be filing as a non-profit in Wisconsin, and presenting all of our finished and organized work to be included in the UW Madison "Wisconsin Music Archive," to be available for academic study and preservation!

Stay Tuned!

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