Sunday, January 5, 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

I want to thank everyone who has visited this page over the last year and a half, as well as everyone who has shared it with others. It has meant the absolute world to me that people are finding value in our music heritage. We are working hard to get the word out, and it has been amazing to see the shares and hear word of mouth spread what we are doing.

2020 promises to be a watershed year for our little group. I can only share a few of the things we are up to, but rest assured, the rest will be lots of fun and very exciting!

What I can share is that pages are going live with full audio and catalog listings of Target, Tee Pee, Rollo, and DBL. Each page will have links to every recording we have in our library, as well as pages of relevant recordings from before and after Target et al were in operation. You can find the link to "The Rockin' Music Archive" at the top of any page on the site (click the drop down menu if you are viewing from a mobile device.)

Currently, as I type this, the complete catalog of DBL Enterprise is up and active. Both Singles and both LPs from Dan Liebhauser's post-Target label are able to be streamed on demand and for free, thanks to our partnership with!

Once complete, this will allow access to over 200 rare, vintage Wisconsin rock, folk, polka and country records. Check back often, as it will be kept live while we continue to fill out, for the first time anywhere, the complete catalog.

Additionally, we are proud to announce that we will be expanding the site to include the history of Kelly DiCianni's KEL Records label, from Oshkosh, WI. Nathan Wolff, son of Nomads and Friends member Larry Wolff, will be researching the history of the label. Nathan has a long history in the Oshkosh/Fond du Lac music scene, and his family connection makes his easily one of the best people to present the story of KEL.
We will also be making available the entire KEL catalog, including many rare unissued recordings from private collections, photos and news articles!
Please look forward to it!

Keep Rockin'!

Andy Pemrich

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  1. Great news! I'll look forward to more updates as the project progresses. Thanks for all the great, info!